ToonDoo for you!

ToonDoo is a website designed to help people make comics/cartoons. There are hundreds of in-depth options that can be used, such as characters, landscapes, emotions, and more. While it is not specifically designed for education, it could easily fit into the classroom. Any subject could benefit from using this website. For example, an English class could be assigned to create a comic about what the ending of a book or short story they are reading is. Everyone would create their hypothesis and then share with the class, the class could then vote and choose which one they think will actually take place, and then read the ending. Another example could be that students could use this site to learn the difference between cartoons and graphic novels in an English class. It is a great way to promote self expression through a way some students have never seen before. I would recommend this website for use with students K-8th grade, mostly because everything is animated. High school students might have a tough time buying into it because it looks like it is for kids. Although, it the teacher pitched it the right way, older students could enjoy it.

I created a ToonBook for use in a Health Class during a wellness unit for middle school, probably 6th grade. During the unit, there is a big emphasis on the wellness star, which includes 5 dimensions. This could be an example of what a student could create during the unit.

ToonDoo: Wellness Star

Here is my screencast on how to use ToonDoo.

ToonDoo Screencast: Health Class

ToonDoo aligns with MD Health Standard 1.C.1.a: “Define and give examples of the components of personal well-being, identified as spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional/mental, social, and environmental.”

While is not designed specifically for education, there is a sub site called, which is designed for educators. You have to pay to use this site, but everything is private and can be contained in your specific classroom. The prices are fairly low, making it a possibility for teachers.


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